Sunday, 22 February 2009

Oh God no!

Just read this in the Telegraph on line.
Can you really believe this bunch of witless idiots. Look, try something once and it doesn't work, try something different. Trying the same thing again is just bonkers. Trying the same failed things three times is just stupid.
Listen you bunch of mindless jerks - CUT TAXES AND GOVERNMENT SPENDING NOW.
Then there's the stuff about 100% mortgages. Just what has it got to do with Brown how much a bank lends to a customer? The real laugh is that I did a radio spot a few months ago where my opinion was sought on how first time buyers could be exepected to 'get on the housing ladder' now that '100% mortgages were no longer available'. It was on the local BBC channel as well.
Update. Someone more significant than I has finally got to the hysterical stage with these fools.

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Oldrightie said...

Shit PM, shit Government. Clueless and panic struck. £200 trillion quid to buy votes and favour of the Public and it's not working. Don't the twats realise no one has any spare cash to borrow.