Wednesday, 24 February 2010

What's Wrong with this page from the IR Website?

Look at the table. What is the heading in the pink row? CUSTOMER group. CUSTOMER! Customer. I am not a bleedin' customer. I am poor beleaguered TAX PAYER.

This sums up all that is wrong in New Labour's totalitarian bureaucratic Britain. To misquote No6 'I am not a customer! I am a taxpayer!'
Fuck me pink.

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

The NHS at 'Work'

Referring to my earlier posts where I describe how the State tried to kill me, I have now had some follow up stuff, including a planned appointment with the cardiologist, a Good Bloke.
First I arrive at the appointed time and am kept waiting for over one hour. Luckily I'd put enough of the hard earned in the automatic cash confiscation machine so that I wasn't over parked.
Then we get to the appointment. Doc has a trainee cardiac nurse in with him. "Is this OK with you Mr Lola?" "Of course Doc"
We make the usual pleasantries, and the 'phone rings. He answers and is dragged into long consultation with a colleague, mouthing apologies to me. 5 minutes goes by.
Whilst he is engaged in that there's a knock on the door and a Junior colleague comes in with a a huge file and a question. He hangs around.
Doc asks me if I mind if he gets shot of junior colleague before we carry on? "Nope", I say, "you go right ahead".
As he's doing that there is another knock on the door and a nurse/administrator pokes her head round the door, then comes in and asks if it is OK to put another call through. 'It's a private matter'.
By now the Doc is looking a bit pressured, so the 'phone decides to ring again. he ignores it and turns to me and says 'look, I think it's best if we deal with you first'.
All the audience hangs around whilst he asks me a couple of questions and writes out a scrip. We shake hands and off I go.
Now, be clear, I am not at all precious about myself. Shit happens. But this is bonkers. This is the NHS doing what it does best. Complete fucking chaos and complete disregard for patients and their wants and needs. I had no chance to ask the questions I wanted to and I am not all as informed as I want to be.
So what to do. Well, in order to get some time and privacy and pick his brains, I am going to have to pay for a private consultation again aren't I?
My immediate response is to refuse to pay my income tax. And when I do send them a cheque I am going to deduct these costs and see what happens.
The real tragedy is that the NHS fails because it denies the freedom to the staff to do the job properly. It's not money. It's structures. These people, the clinicians, whom I have found to be generally good, are unable to do their job well because of the endemic chaos of an entirely producer captured monopoly.

Monday, 22 February 2010

More Statist Bollocks

I am being bloody minded about my self assessment tax payment due on 31st January. In essence I am delaying paying the bastards anything until the last possible moment. I know I'll have to pay interest and penalties, but the price is worth it just to not give that bastard Brown any more money to fritter away.

Anyway, to the point of this post.

Just got a letter from the Inland Revenue. Sentence 1 reads as follows:

"Nine out of ten UK citizens pay their Self Assessment tax on time, funding the public services that we all benefit from".


Talk about spin.

For a start that means that 10% don't, so I'd be a damn' fool to pay mine on time then?

Next. There are what, 32m people in employment in the UK. Of which 8.5m turn up for the state every day. Only about 3.0m of those do any 'work', e.g. doctors, nurses, military etc. and probably half of those could do their work in the private sector. So there arer 7m are just doing what exactly? Well, not paying tax for a start seeing as how any income tax notionally deducted from their turning up money is just a rebate to the rest of us in private business.

Then there is the bloody implicit message that public services are automatically a Good Thing. No they bloody well are not. 50% of these 'services' could be better delivered by the private sector where I could choose whether or not to pay for them, all the fake charities for example, or having my bins collected. And anyway they don't deliver services, they ration them. And, and, some of these services don't just take your money and spend it badly, they try and kill you! I have personal experience of this.

Fuck me. That sentence in that letter has made me very angry indeed.

Friday, 12 February 2010

Trouble at the (Fed) - Bank of England / Treasury

See this link to a Von Mises institute blog post. For Bernanke read King Darling Brown Balls.

Saturday, 6 February 2010

FSA - Again

I am being forced to look at the Stasi FSA website again. I came across this classic:

"These pages are for you if you are a financial adviser and want to find out how the FSA regulates you and what’s going on in your sector."

What! I know exactly what's going in my 'sector' you bunch of bureaucratic fuckwits. It's you that has absolutely no idea what's going on - anywhere in any sector. And if you do turn up and find out what is going on, you just fuck it up.