Friday, 19 June 2009

I'm Bored....

I've got flu (manflu according to Mrs Lola). I've been on and off work for two weeks, and as it's my business there's no sick pay is there? I can't think straight, too much pain (!). Ladies think that childbirth is bad, well, let me tell you it's got nothing on manflu.
But worst of all I'm now very bored. Can't do anything. Nothing much vituperative about McMental on the blogoshere that's new.
I've looked at all the Brands GP in car videos on youtube, ready for my next visit in early July (I AM going to be fit for that).
I've watched so much crap TV I think I'm cured.
My family won't talk to me - they reckon I'm rude and grumpy - but we all know that I am always a little ray of sunshine. Even my mate, Rowley the Dog, gives me sideways looks. I think he think that since I am at home he should get more walks.
I'm cold as well. Got the bloody heater on the sitting room.
And there's a family dinner tonight. That's 8 (6 being female) of them plus me, including Mrs Tactful (Mrs Lola Snr). That'll end in tears for one of them when she points out some shortcoming 'Have you put on weight, dear? Luckily I can feign extra illness and escape early.
I've read as much as I can deal with on my new economics books and I've skimmed through Autosport. There is the Torygraph crossword, but, I am, of course, so ill, that I'll struggle.
I don't do online Porn - it's even more boring!
So what's next? Paper aeroplanes?
God I am so bloody BORED!

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