Tuesday, 28 October 2008

New Labour Newspeak.

Investment = Spending
Key Workers = New Labour client state
Global Problem = Our Problem
Unfunded Tax cuts = Unfunded spending commitments
Hard working families = New Labour client state
Long term = Short term political gain
Stability = Do as your told
No more boom and bust = ?
'Let me be clear' = I am now going to either (a) lie through my teeth or (b) make no sense.
Tory Tax Cuts = Tory Tax Cuts (!)
'I am a pretty straight kind of guy' = 'I am a lying deceitful git'
Any statistic quoted by Brown = Total bollocks
'We are making available new money...' = It's the same money as before and it's your money.
'I have commissioned a full review' = 'I have kicked it into the long grass'.
'We will do what ever it takes' = '...to keep us in power/from getting found out'.
'Business friendly' = 'Business UNfriendly'

To be continued...


Womble On Tour said...


I liked the quote you left on Guido's blog today - "The only difference between socialism and totalitarianism is time".

Who said it ? Or was it you ?

Lola said...

I think it was Ayn Rand. It's often quoted tho', probably because it's true.