Saturday, 8 November 2008

The Blogging Party is Here! (UK Version)

The Launch of the Blogging Party
I hereby officially launch a new force in UK politics, The Blogging Party. This is in direct response the asinine statements of that fanciable fathead Hazel Blears on the nihilistic politics of bloggers.
The party's political stance can best be described as Anglo Saxon Mixed Race Non Internationally Interventionist Libertarian Democratic Judeo Christian free market socially just, thrifty and responsible with compassion and with a firm commitment to the rule of English Common and Commercial Law and the sovereignty of Parliament. It will also by definition have a very highly developed sense of the ridiculous and be able to laugh at itself. It has no ambition for power, holding to the Spike Milligan view that anyone who wants power (or a handgun) is constitutionally disqualified from having it (or owning one).
Membership is free. Donations will be sought in due course to field candidates. The first of these should be by rights in HB's constituency of Salford.
If anyone can be remotely arsed in getting involved - because I am having difficulty retaining my enthusiasm even as I type this - can comment below.


Wrinkled Weasel said...

I think I may be a kindred spirit.

Mark Wadsworth said...

Hmm. I've sort of thrown in my hand with UKIP. But you're next on my list, provided you drop your ambition to be Dictator For Life.

Lola said...

'By definition, anyone that wants power is unsuitable wield it well'.

I don't want to be dictator for life at all. In fact I don't even want to be dictator and I don't really want the Blogging Party to be in power. However if it transpired that there was no-one else willing to do it and that I could be assured that I would only have to do the job for say 5 years then I might just consider it, as would the party. Mind you we would take some pursuading. There are just so many more important things to do in life than running the country: motor racing, breaking bread with Mrs Lola and the little Lola's, even gardening, the craic etc etc