Sunday, 8 March 2009

Brown Cannot Reform

The causes of this economic crisis are now self evident. Excessive cheap money created by Brown together with excessive taxation of private business and the cash hosed at bloated unreformed public 'services'.
The cures are therefore a reduction in the amount of money, the reduction in taxation on private business and individuals, and the genuine reform of the public 'services'.
Reform of public services can only start with huge redundancies. There are about 7 million people engaged (I cannot say working) in public 'services'. Of these about 1.3 to 1.5 million are at the front end of the health, education, law and order, defence and the HMRC, which leaves 5.5 million doing what exactly?
Everyone knows that this is the case. Everyone knows that these jobs are not really jobs and need to go. Even Gordon Brown knows it. So why doesn't he get on with the redundancies.
He won't do it because he wants to leave it to the next government, whom he also knows will be the Tories. Why? So when he, or more likely his party is in opposition it can use the mantra of 'Tory cuts' to discredit the government.
Trust me, he ain't going to sack a single civil servant, unless the IMF turn up and tell him. It'll always be someone else's fault.
QED - we are doomed to impoverishment.


Oldrightie said...

"it can use the mantra of 'Tory cuts'"

Hopefully countered with LABOUR DEBT.

Henry North London said...

You know when |I first read this I saw Brown cannot Perform


Henry North London said...

If I got into power the first thing I would do would be to purge all chief executives and NHS managers Id have them sacked in 24 hours