Sunday, 3 January 2010

Thought Control?

I notice that New Labour are setting up another thought conditioning experiment on the young. They are requiring schools to teach 'financial capability' as part of PSE lessons. They are going to teach children about bank accounts, how to set up a DD, how to write a cheque and well, all about lots of other bits of what is just administration.
This is risible for two reasons.
1. New Labour being the most financially inept government ever, has no credibility at all when it comes to financial capability.
2. If they wanted to teach children something useful they could drum into them two simple facts. (a) Don't trust banks. And (b) Don't trust governments.
The admin they can sort out for themselves when they get there.
There. Easy isn't it.
(Have you seen the equally risible NatWest Ads? There's one of their female bods in a school going on about all this admin. If I was a teacher I'd ask her to explain to the class how they made such a first class mess of their business, went bust, and tried very hard to take the whole country with them. Now that would be a useful lesson).


AntiCitizenOne said...

I quite like the idea of a license to borrow money with Interest though.

You'd have to do a test to prove you can work out how much interest you'll pay and how much the final amount will be.

Me Myself and I said...

Thought Control?

Does this imply that they can actually think and even more incredibly that they can control anything?

Must go have a lie down.

Pogo said...

One would have thought that it might be advantageous to teach the little sods to read, write and do a few simple sums before getting onto the "advanced", "writing cheques" stage of education! :-)

Anonymous said...

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BrianSJ said...

I'd like to talk to you in your IFA role.
brian at processforusability dot co dot uk

Hopefully you get to see this.