Wednesday, 10 December 2008

RDR For Dummies

This is a first draft. I welcome comments and suggestions but the paper must not exceed two pages of minimum 10pt single spaced!
(For non financial services people RDR = Retail Distribution Review. Which is basically a bureaucratic design of a system for the distribution of financial advice and products. Any of you out there who have even a glimmering of the understanding as to how free economies work will immediately spot the flaw in the RDR)


Mark Wadsworth said...

I can open the first page by clicking on it but not the second.

It's "on either side" not "on both sides", BTW. And I don't see why the subsidiary of a bank can jump into the left hand column, but hey.

Lola said...

MW - it's working now (posted 1st version in a hurry and have only just had a chance to check it). In regards to bank subsidiaries being independent why not? As long as they deliver whole of market plus a payment by fee option then hey, they can come on in.

Mark Wadsworth said...

That's better. I'd pencilled you in as Minister for Banking* and Financial Services supervision in my 'Bloggers Cabinet anyway, the job's now yours for the taking.

* That includes Bank of England, the whole lot.