Saturday, 13 December 2008

Why? Just tell me Why?

I'm tired. I am so bloody tired of it all. Tired of the argument. Tired of the constant battle. Tired of the same old stupidities being visited upon us, time after time. By the same failed lefty political philosophy of tax and spend and State control.
Everywhere you look in all of history, Socialism has failed. Without fail it has destroyed wealth and impoverished people, especially the poor. And yet again and again the same type of megalomaniac idiots get back into power and, cheerfully ignoring all the evidence, try it again. Just one more time. And predictably we end up paying the bills whilst the architects of the failure ride off into the sunset on fat pensions paid for by us. It fair makes you weep.
Right now, all around us, is the evidence of the complete failure of one man's ideas on tax n'spend. Gordon Brown. And yet he carries on carrying on doing the same old stuff, completely without shame. How he can stand looking at himself in the shaving mirror each morning without feeling completely embarrassed defeats me.
And yet I do not see any glimmer of hope that he will be gone any time soon. This is desperate for us, the simple tax paying citizen, as his policies will mire us further and further in financial Armageddon for every day that change does not happen.
I am a peaceable man. I believe absolutely in the rule of law. But recently I found myself seriously contemplating political assassination. This is very worrying as, given that I am entirely peaceable, there will be men out there even more furious than me, with the means and the will to do what I have thought about. But doesn't this just show you how things are when blokes like me are driven to this position by such people as Gordon Brown and his manic, incompetent, arrogant, stupid, corrupt policies?
This is I should think, how some lefties thought about Thatcher. In fact I know this to be the case as my old dad was playing golf with a senior local education officer on the day the Grand Hotel was bombed. When it was announced that Thatcher was OK, the education blokey remarked 'Damn, nearly got her'! (My old dad simply walked out of the game and never played with the education blokey again.)
Clearly people like Brown and Thatcher promote fury in the opposition camp to the same level. But, I am sorry to say, that Thatcher was broadly correct, whilst Brown is almost totally wrong, as freedom and the markets, and history are now showing.

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