Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Blogged Out

I've noticed a decline in the frequency and ire in the right (as in not wrong) wing blogoshere over the last month. Either it's because the weather has been good and like all right thinking people right (as in not wrong) wing bloggers know that there is more to life than continuously holding the not right (as in wrong) wing government to account, or....there is blogging weariness setting in. We know that we are right and that we've won the arguments. All we can do now is continue sniping at the shit Brown and his henchmen in the hope that we may claim one or two scalps, but we know he's doomed and it's just a question of time.


Mark Wadsworth said...

L, there are still plenty of gaps in your banking and financial services manifesto for you to fill in now that the weather has turned nasty again. Blogs don't always have to be topical.

Oldrightie said...

What?! So you never visit my place?