Wednesday, 15 July 2009

The Good and the Great.

Yesterday I went to a do at the local school celebrating the success of a committee that included Mrs Lola in creating a mgical school garden. Mrs L and her henchmen had decided to move on after nine years and hand over to new people. The do was to celebrate their success. About 100 people turned up. This is at a 70 pupil village school.

I chatted up all the pretty mums and did a bit of people watching. One common theme was that all those present did stuff and made stuff happen. These are Good people. The backbone of what makes England work. In fact they are Great people. They won't moan about Brown. (Well, they will. You can't not). But what they will also do is buckle down and sort out the mess he created. It won't be any action of the useless government that saves us from anarchy and penury, it'll be the 100 people at the party and 100's of others of the same type in little villages and small towns and bits of big cities that will get on and sort it out the mess Brown and New Labour have created. They will save money. They will cut costs. They will create the jobs. They will look round their neighbours and see who needs a little help. They will turn up at the school and help with reading classes. They will run the school kitchen garden and feed the kids with fresh food, all without any input from Jamie sodding Oliver.

Yet again it will be these people who, despite the bloody useless government, will do the stuff that make the stuff happen and sort out the mess.

And note well, this is just England. It'll be the same everywhere else. The average bloke and his knackered wife buckling down and doing it.

Why oh why don't the likes of New Labour get this?

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Matt said...

problem is that it is always the same people who do the work :(

My wife has been on our kids' school's "Friends" committee for the last 3 years and the same dozen or so people have to organize everything.

Last year they had a thank-you BBQ that the same dozen or so people being thanked had to run themselves because nobody else could be arsed to do anything except drink pimms and say "what a great job you are doing"

And don't get me started on the governors...

While I agree with you that there are just going to be people who get on and fix the broken stuff, I think your estimate of 1.5 motivated people per school pupil is skewed by your own experience and certainly isn't representative of my part of Britain.