Saturday, 4 April 2009

Bloody Hell!

Seen this have you?
So, the softening up has begun. This government has bust us and now it's getting ready to go off the IMF for a sub. Apparently this is no longer a stigma.
Well, sunshine, let me make this very clear. It is a stigma. It is evidence of abject failure. The rule of life is that you do not live above your means. Of course I am quite happy for someone to live above thier means as longs as they are ready to take the consequences and not to drag others down with them.
Brown, you have impoverished us all.


Oldrightie said...

Brown's world travels are all about the begging bowl firmly in his clunking fist.

Mark Wadsworth said...

I remember as a child thinking that the £1.6 billion we borrowed from the IMF back in 1976 didn't really seem like much. Heck knows what they'll ask for this time.

Anonymous said...

This Government is both financially and morally bankrupt. Change cannot come soon enough, but the Nu Labour legacy will haunt us for generations.