Thursday, 30 April 2009

Dear Mr Osborne

The Cottage
A Small Village

George Osborne MP

Dear George

Re: The 50% Tax Rate

In his final act of financial idiocy Gordon Brown and his lackey Alastair Darling have imposed a 51% tax rate on the incomes of high earners as well as ludicrousy complicated rules on pension contributions for the same class of taxpayer.

It is well understood throughout the whole world that high tax rates collect less tax than low ones.

I urge you to make this argument with force, logic and evidence and on taking office to immediately reverse the imposition of this confiscatory rate.

At the same time restore the equity to pension contributions that acknowledge that pensions are deferred pay.




Mark Wadsworth said...

Could he do something about the 70% to 100% total benefit withdrawal/tax rates for ten million lower earners as well, while he's at it?

Lola said...

MW - That goes without saying.