Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Everybody's doing it....

First Job. Paper round for local newsagents.
First Real Job. Driving a delivery van for an electrical outfit in Sunderland. That is if you ignore the temporary nursing auxiliary on a gynie theatre as a work experience / holiday job.
First Role in Politics. Never done anything in politics, unless you count working for Barratts - the most politcal company I've had the misfortune to work for.
First Car Mini Moke. Did over 100,000 miles in it in all weathers.
First Record. Let it Bleed, Rolling Stones.
First Football Match. Local derby Ipswich v Norwich at Norwich. Bloody boring and full of louts. Never been to another one.
First Concert. 'Free' at Colchester. Excellent.
First Country Visited. Switzerland. Lived there as a kid from 1962 to 1963. (In a sanatorium. I am asthmatic).
First TV Appearance. Managed to avoid that fate. But I am on youtube!
First Political Speech. School class debate for faux election aged about 14. I won!
First Girlfriend/Boyfriend. Ahhh. Sigh. As in first 'real' girlfriend. A very enthusiastic blonde with long legs and a lovely bum.
First Encounter with a Famous Person. Bob Stokoe holding a door open for me when I had my hands full delivering electrical stuff to Sunderland football ground. I couldn't give a stuff but my van oppo was gobsmacked.
First Brush With Death. Various motor car related lucky breaks, but I think being nominated aged about 14, as the pilot for our home made rocket powered soap box cart with home made rockets (yes really) was probably fairly high up there. There were more home made explosive, soap box cart, pushbike incidents that I could list, but...
First House/Flat Owned. Love nest three bed semi in Ipswich with my lovely wife.
First Film Seen at a Cinema. Davy Crockett (part of) but first full film was ....Goldfinger!!! - Briliant, and still is.
First Time on the Radio. I've done various pieces on financial services on BBC radio Suffolk, but I cannot remember which was first.
First Politician I Met. Tim Yeo. Not impressed.
First Book I Remember Reading. Sorry. Cannot remember. I have always read an awful lot. Maybe 'Jennings Little Hut'. First book that had a big impact was The Big Sleep - Raymond Chandler's opus - which I was inspired to read by an edited comprehension piece that I worked on in my English lessons.
First Visit to the London Palladium. I've been but I cannot remeber when.
First Election. 1970. Voted Tory for a bloke that seemed to understand money who immediately went and died!

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