Thursday, 23 April 2009

You'd think Brown was dead in the water, but...

Late last year, before the credit crunch really hit home and the Tories were well in the lead in the polls Tory supporters were predicting a Brown meltdown. I was not suer and cautioned that Brown would hang on like grim death hoping for an 'event' to sae him. And he got one. Complete with a fall guy. The failure of RBS and Fed Goodwin. And he profited from this, despite all the problems being entirely Brown's fault.
We are now again in the same position. We are very pleased that Brown is bust and labour is sinking like a torpedoed freighter, but we could yet have another 'event' from which he will seek to profit. He is a very devious politician and very determined.
The question then arises what might this event be? A Gilt strike? A visit to the IMF? A major run on Sterling leading to a hyper-inflation? Who knows. But I would not put it past Brown to call a state of National Emergency and try to manipulate the democratic process by some devious method.
Makes you think.
But luckily I also think that this would be one 'event' too far and both the opposition parties and some of his own MP's would not stand for it. Well, that's the hope anyway.

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