Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Dear Mr Cameron

A Cottage
A English Village
Somewhere in England
12 May 2009
The Rt Hon David Cameron
Dear Dave
Now listen here sunshine, I am somewhat pissed off with your lot. The thing is, you really need to understand that, given the historic (and some would say undeserved) electoral success of your party, it is about bloody time you did some serious opposing.
You have been stuck in opposition for 12 years and I have been waiting, in vain, for your lot to get up on your hind legs and have a real go with real counter arguments - for freedom and low taxes - to this tawdry useless shower of shit New Labour that has the immortal rind to consider itself worthy to be a government of the UK. But you haven't.
And now we know why. Your lot are as far into the trough, up to your elbows in graft, as New Labour.
Do you realise that you were the last hope we had for rescuing an ancient democracy and to restore freedom and fiscal competence? Do you realise how very fucking badly you've let us all down? Do you have any fucking idea at all what to do now to get this sorted, as, God help us, you are still the only real hope we have?
I am right at the point of serious civil disobedience and I am not alone. Be very clear that you and you cronies are as much up the scoured arses of us poor proles as New fucking Labour and we have had enough. Finally, we've had enough. I really am seriously angry, and I want it sorted. Now.
And I am not repeat not paying any more tax. You are going to sort this economic mess by slashing every quango and apparatchik you can find. This will liberate them to find real wealth creating jobs in private business. You are going to get super tough with scroungers. And you are going to get areas like Northern Ireland and the North East of the public tit. And you're going to have to do that the hard way old son. It'll mean reduced standards of living for many of us, but to encourage private wealth creating business and restore international competitiveness so that we can pay our way we need to savagely cut the costs of the bloated state and the 'benefits' it pays.
So, Dave, me old mate, things look tough for you now. But let me down and just see what happens........
PS The next time that deceitful self promoting shit Blair lands in the UK have him arrested and seize all his property. L.
PPS I leave it to your imagination just what to do Brown.

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Oldrightie said...

He did a good job today, Matey?