Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Proposed Lettings Regulation - OMG!

I could not believe my ears. There on Today this a.m. was a bloke that heads up some private letting agents trade association - ARLA I think - banging on about wanting more government regulation to drive out bad landlords. WTF!. There he was with a free market solution sitting in front of him that he heads up that was already providing potential tenants with a set of standards by which they could judge their proposed landlord and be certain that minimum standards of professional behaviour were being applied. And he wanted government; i.e. me and you, to underwrite tenants deposits! WTF2! He had already arranged an insurance scheme for his members to give tenants confidence. Why the bloody Hell does he need any more regulation by the State? He's already doing it. His ignorance of simple free market economics was total. I despair. How are we ever going to have an efficient and free society if witless wankers like this are representing the most carnal of free market people - estate agents. Good Grief. My mind is boggled.
Did anyone hear the piece? If you did and can remember the witless berks name let me know what it was. Someone needs to point out just how stupid he is being and how his actions will encourage a bloated state bureaucracy to get in and screw up a functioning free market.


AntiCitizenOne said...

BEurocracy drives out smaller competitors leading to bigger rents and larger profits.

Henry North London said...


Its this licence to let in the Times

I seriously want to leave Britain now