Friday, 15 May 2009

More Epic Cluelessness from New Labour Apparatchiks

They really do not get it do they?
Shahid Malik from the BBc website: "Less than an hour before his resignation was announced, Mr Malik went on the offensive to claim endless media stories about expenses was in danger of "decimating" democracy." Er, no. This is democracy working you plonker.
This is same cluelessness they use when they say that the current financial crisis is the failure of markets. Er, no, again. This financial crisis is markets succeeding and passing judgement on failed politicians and policy.
Freedom and markets. Doncha just love them? And the best bit? They are at last doing for Brown and the whole deceitful New Labour project. (Anything or anybody that makes a 'project' out the electorate, and me in particular, deserves... well, death's too good for them really.)


Oldrightie said...

There is nothing more self rightous than a turd stuck in a toilet bowl! Needs a large bucket of bleached water to finish the job!

Mark Wadsworth said...

What you overlook is that Nulab (and probably the EU) are the guardians of democracy! Anything that hurts them hurts democracy.

Lola said...

MW Yeah. Right.