Monday, 19 January 2009

Brown Has Bankrupted Us

I am going to post this again. And I am going to keep posting it - or a version of it - on an ad hoc basis to add to the 'noise' - in the hope that sooner or later Brown is held properly to account.
The UK and its banks are in the state they are because of Brown's bonkers policies. It takes two to Tango. The stupid banks could only get themselves into this mess if they were 'helped' by equally stupid political policies promoted by Gordon Brown. He provided the unsound money - great gushing gouts of it - at a price that was set far to low. He also designed and implemented an entirely flawed regulatory system that, incredibly, both managed to be massively prescriptive on all and sundry and ludicrously relaxed as regards bank capital requirements. Brown also taxed and spent capital, a guaranteed wealth destruction policy.
Given these simple factors (and ingnoring many other spending mistakes and massive off balance sheet borrowing by the State) it is clear that Brown's sticky and incompetent fingers are all over this crisis.
Please God, make him resign soon. There's no hope of salvation until the management is changed as Brown is incapable of change.


Bill Quango MP said...

But he saved the world.He said said so, I heard him.
He saved us all...

Mark Wadsworth said...

Yes he has, next question,

(Cabbage Patch dolls!)