Monday, 19 January 2009

The Philosophy of Drain Rodding

We have our own mini sewage works. It's made by Klagester and was installed by a bunch of cowboys (my fault). It has always been a bit of a problem, with the feeder drain runs regularly blocking (not enough fall). A couple of years ago the Klargester floated out of the ground (!) and we had the whole thing re-engineered to my spec. Nevertheless one of the runs still blocks occasionally. Today was one of those days and I had to set to in the pouring rain before going to work to rod it through. This means opening up the cover on the sewage works and checking that it is OK.
This got me thinking.
On inspection it was clear that the treatment works was working well, with a nice crust on top of the effluent and all the solids nicely sinking to the bottom.
Now, I quite like drianage. It is interesting ( I was - still am actually - an Engineer in a previous life). So to see a nicely working treatment works was satisfying. With all the floaters sinking nicely as the microbes get to work. No turds floating on the top here.
Which, of course, is the complete opposite to politics where all the shits seem to float to the surface.
Shit or politicians? Which is more reliable?

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Too much info middle aged Dad! Yuck!

But don't they say cream rises to the top as well as scum???