Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Good Grub for Blokes

Mrs Lola is on a mission tonight. Hours march away. So cooking for self. I like to cook. In truth I like to eat. Furthermore a lesson learned young was that one of the most certain ways of earning sexual favours from the delicately nurtured was to cook for them.

Tonight I was in invention mood and the result was very successful, so being of a generous disposition I thought I'd share it with you. By the way it is based on the 'usie uppie' principle.


4 modest sized thick sausages
1 rasher smoked back bacon
1 red onion
1 half red chili de-seeded (or not - Some Like it Hot)
1 can plum toms
enough new pots.
Mushrooms -several
Red Pepper small and sliced.
Paprika 1 teaspoon ish.
Salt pepper
White wine splash plus.
Italian seasoning.

Wash and chop to medium sized new pots. and boil until soft-ish.
Cook sausages until done then chop into 20 mm lengths - ish.

Meanwhile chop onion and chili and soften in saute pan in 1 tbsp olive oil until golden ish.
Add red pepper and cook for 5 mins
Add bacon and brown
Add white wine
Stir in paprika
Add can plumb toms.
Cook for 5 mins
Add cooked sausages
Add potatoes
Add 1 tsp Italian seasoning
Season to taste.

Cover and place in moderate oven for 15 mins.

Take out and dish up. Accompany with a nice red. Beaujolais works for me.

Now feeling happy and relaxed with coffee percolating away.

I even had a fleeting sympathetic thought for Gordon Brown. But only very fleeting.

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TheFatBigot said...

Sounds wonderful.

It is beyond me how anyone can think it sensible or necessary to live on fast food and stodgy prepared meals when such simple and cheap ingredients can be turned into a delicious meal.

You can have any number of expensive government initiatives telling people to eat a balanced diet, but unless they know how to turn affordable ingredients into tasty meals they can't change their diet.

And then there are those who are just too ignorant to see that proper food improves your life. I think I will always be haunted by the sight on television of a bunch of fat baggages pushing pies, burgers and packets of crisps through a school fence because their Waynes and Chantelles didn't want mince and onions with cabbage and boiled spuds, or whatever sensible food the school was serving.

Long live mince, middle neck, shin, liver and bangers.