Tuesday, 6 January 2009


Interesting piece by Iain Martin in the Telegraph today here on Gordon Brown's 'morality'. I confess that this aspect of his personality had escaped me, but on reflection it is clear that he possesses a deep sense of his own moral superiority. This is lethal. Especially when combined with his essential deceitfulness and manic politicking.
It seems to me that when individuals like Brown, who convince themselves that they have superior morals, achieve power it means misery for the rest of us. Whole books have been written trying to define what we mean by 'moral', and still an absolute definition eludes us. Which is a Good Thing. But in the minds of the Brown's of this world no such doubt exists.
In Brown's mind there will be an absolute definition. This is worrying. Firstly because he will inflict this vision on us, which will lead to actions that many of us consider immoral - excess state debt or committing inadequately equipped troops to battle for example. Secondly as time passes his 'morality' will be increasingly challenged by cleverer men than he in a manner in which he cannot answer. This will lead to increasing conflicts within him as he tries to square the circle of these arguments. In this way lies madness.
Maybe this is already happening as the stories about tantrums and rages and broken phones attest.
Who knows what state he is in? But, one thing is certain. Policies that he has pursued are not at all moral. Depriving thrifty and hard working people of their wealth and disabling their ability to look after themselves is, whatever way you look at, morally indefensible.

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