Saturday, 31 January 2009

Oh God! He's Off On One Again, Please Someone, Tell Him How it Works...

I listened, no, I couldn't avoid hearing, Brown banging on again in Davos. The BBC have an article here.
Basically he is saying that we need a whole load of new 'regulations' that set out how we should all deal with each other, and that all the old models have failed.
Now listen you gormless git, the old ways have not, repeat not failed. What's failed is government. Your government for one. You have failed to uphold the basic responsibilities we have entrusted you with. You have failed to run sound money. You have failed to keep taxes low. You have failed to properly supervise banks (NOT regulate - simple supervision) of the most dangerous, irresponsible and incompetent institutions in free market capitalism. You failed to stop meddling in things that are beyond your comprehension. You have failed to engender free trade, resorting as ever to lefty mercantilism. You failed to provide moral leadership. You failed to uphold the rule of law.
All we need you to do is do what has always worked. There is no need at all to invent new ways to control us. We are all free men. We can sort out our own lives as long as the government, your government stops meddling and just does the things that are your responsibility.
Seems that I am on the same sort of wavelength as the Adam Smith Institutes Dr Eamonn Butler.


Mark Wadsworth said...


'Supervision' is the key word, that's the price of having a banking licence and a guarantee of the first £50,000 of each deposit.

Oldrightie said...

Look, in 1997 he sat down with the banks and said what do you want to guarantee me staying in power for ever. They said less regulation, a code of conduct policed by ourselves and a neutered Bank of England.
They got it.

Bill Quango MP said...

He went off a good while back.


Meddling is so fashionable I'm surprised that Vogue haven't featured it!