Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Education - Bribery and Nationalisation

Headline piece from Telegraph here. The thought occurs that if the government are offering £10,000 each for the 'good' teachers, what are they doing with the 'bad' ones? You can bet that they aren't being sacked.
And if it needs a de facto pay rise to get teachers to work in schools where the work is hard this argues for a free market in education and that the [nationalised state indoctrination centres] schools system should be broken up and the money transferred to follow the child. If parents were paying for their children to go to school, especially these tough schools you can bet your bottom Dollar that they would quickly get involved and sort out bad parents and bad children if they were disrupting the education that thye had paid for.

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AntiCitizenOne said...

My points exactly.

Parents paying for their childs education will care about value.