Saturday, 31 January 2009

Green Tory's? How Exactly?

Conservatism, well my sort of compassionate free market anglo saxon libertarianism, is green. I know that'll wind many of you up, but let me explain:-

1. The Trabant. The product of leftyness. Crap car. Really a sort of death trap pollution machine. Still produced in the 1990's. No significant development for 30 years.

2. The Ford Cortina Mk 1 and The Ford Mondeo. The lineage of the current Mondeo can be traced back to the Mk1 Cortina - the first true repmobile / family car. The Cortina was launched in 1962 and ended its production run as the MK4 version in 1982. Replaced by the Sierra which in its turn was replaced by the Mondeo. The modern Mondeo is efficient, safe, recyclable, low emmitting, economic, reliable (my 1996 version is still going strong at 160,000 miles with no major component change - cross fingers) engineering marvel. Luxury and comfort at low cost. The product of capitalism.

So, working on the evidence it is clear that capitalism conserves resources. It developes efficient products and solutions. That's the point efficient. Driven by competition and ingenuity.

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AntiCitizenOne said...

Eastern Europe was also where all the polution killing Northern European forests was coming from.

The UK got the blame, but you can see from the wind patterns after the communist Chernobyl disaster "where the wind blows".